• What is webcam modeling and do I need experience?
    Webcam modeling is the process of chatting on cam and entertaining customers online in an adult full nude video chat.
  • Is there any fee to start?
    Signing up and starting is 100% free.
  • How much do I get paid , when and how do I get paid?
    On average webcam models earn $30 to $100 per hour. If you are in the studio you Get paid immediately at the end of your first day. After that Weekly payments on Tuesdays by check.

  • Do I make my own schedule?
    Yes you make your own schedule.

  • Will this show up on a background check and are payments discreet?
    Payments are made discreetly in an unmarked envelope. This will not show up labeled as adult work on any background checks. Only will show that you were a contractor for "M3 Studio."

  • Are my chats private?
    Chats are only in a Private 1-on-1 area for just paying customers and chats are NOT recorded or downloadable, they only streamed live to your paying customer.

  • Do I have to show my face?
    Most models show their face but not all. Some do not and some do only a little.

  • I have more questions who can I talk to?
    If you have questions at any point before or during the sign-up process please contact models@fetishmodels.com

  • Do I have to get customers to my chat room?
    No, we provide lots traffic to your chat room.

  • I do not want my family to see me can I block locations?
    Yes, you can change the settings when you login.
  • We Take Care of All Technical Details
    We take care of hosting, billing, traffic and marketing so all need to start making money is to go live on cam or add videos to your account.
  • How and when can I start?
    You can start today. Apply here
  • Where do I work?
    You have the luxury of working from any location so long as you have a web cam, internet and computer.
  • Do I have to show my face?
    Yes, you should show your face but can only a little. Live chats are NOT DOWNLOADABLE, only live so content arent shared around the internet.
  • What equipment do I need to start?
    Camming at the studio we provide everything so you don't need equipment. Camming from home requires a computer, webcam and internet connection that is ideally not publicly shared. It is best to use a physical Internet cable plugged into your computer but dedicated Wi-Fi will work fine. Broadcasting webchat will NOT work on an iPhone or iPad or android mobile device at this time.
  • Do you provide technical help to get me started?
    Yes, we will provide as much help as you need after you are registered and log into your account to start. Just e-mail or call us to arrange a training session.
  • Do you accept couples?
    Yes but anyone on cam must first apply individually and have their own approved account.

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